Seminar „FREE FLOW PROJECT: Self-Awareness and Disruptive Innovations“, 2018.05.11, Vilnius



“FREE FLOW PROJECT: Self-Awareness and Disruptive Innovations”





Movement Analysis to form a new educational basis for Overcoming Geopolitical Restraints: FREE FLOW PROJECT by Wooguru.

FREE FLOW PROJECT researches on restoring the inherent flow of the human body to form a new educational basis for overcoming the geopolitical restraints in buffer states, which symbolize the impediment in the path toward a sustainable future. This place of disconnection should revitalize itself to connect the divided world. And the importance of regaining educational capabilities for fostering spontaneity emerges on this point for the genuine change of which to prevent the ruling system from causing the political and economic polarization in the world.

Seminar will be in English.

It is highly recommended for your organization’s senior managers to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and get associated with the top experts of FFP. Executives in charge of implementing or promoting FFP within your organization are most encouraged to attend.


Why attend?

  • Lectures will be presented and discussions moderated by Wooguru who is director of the FREE FLOW PROJECT.
  • Networking with other organizations. A great opportunity to network with other professionals!



Time Topic
09.00 – 09.30 Registration
09.30 – 11.30 Presentation:

Why do Humans Work?

Being Aware of Oneself to Attain One’s Freedom

Why Does Education Matter?

Total Automation and Humanity

11.30 – 12.00 Coffee & tea break
12.00 – 14.00 The physical workshop for the beginners*


* The workshop will be carried out for the beginners. This is the personalized training program promoting freedom of movement, which supports individuals at any level of their physical abilities. A variety of participants already benefited from this program, ranging from a 7-year-old boy to a 70-year-old man, from the amateur to the professional dancers.


Seminar topics:

  • Session 1: Why do Humans Work?
    • Art and Labor: the determinants of humanity.
    • The Total Freedom of the Individual: the eventual aim of humankind.
  • Session 2: Being Aware of Oneself to Attain One’s Freedom
    • How to be aware of oneself?
    • What is the human body?
    • Restoring the spontaneity rooted in the individual body.
    • How does the comprehensive grasp of one’s body contribute to one’s life?
  • Session 3: Why Does Education Matter?
    • How to foster spontaneity and creativity?
    • How does the new educational platform based on the understanding of the human body revive human societies?
  • Session 4: Total Automation and Humanity
    • What does differentiate humans from the inanimate?
    • The imperativeness of starting from the fundamentality of the human being to brace for the impending future of work.


Participants will get international certificates which signed by Wooguru and the president of Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and Innovation!



Date – 2018.05.11

Time – 09.30 – 14.00

Address – Sodu str. 14, Vilnius (Panorama hotel).


Participation fees:

  • Registration until 04.30 (early registration)
    • Association members – for free.
    • Members of partners associations* – 30 Eur (plus VAT).
    • Non-member – 40 Eur (plus VAT). When companies send more than one individual to the seminar, each additional participant will be 30 Eur (plus VAT).
  • Registration from 05.01 (late registration)
    • Association members – for free.
    • Members of partners associations* – 40 Eur (plus VAT).
    • Non-member – 50 Eur (plus VAT). When companies send more than one individual to the seminar, each additional participant will be 40 Eur (plus VAT).

The price includes the lecture services, handouts, coffee and tea breaks.

*Association partners: Advokatų profesinė bendrija “Žabolienė ir partneriai METIDA“, Ajara Chamber of Commerce & Industry, EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management), Estonian Association for Quality, Finnish quality association, Harmoningos asmenybės institutas, UAB, Latvian Society of Quality, Lietuvos projektų vadybos asociacija, Ukrainian Association for Quality, QMS Italia, QSA, Vilniaus kolegija.

Payment Policy:

We will send an invoice by email for participant outside of Lithuania. Invoicing within 14 days from registration.


Cancellation policy:

  • 50 % of the fee – until 29th of April 2018
  • No refund – after 30th of April 2018




Wooguru is a director of the FREE FLOW PROJECT and choreographer/ educator researching on the human body as the essential foundation for attaining the total freedom of the individual. He had started dancing on the street and developed his unique style named as FREE FLOW, which earned recognition from the following cultural entities: Movement Research in NYC, TANZTAGE Berlin, IDOCDE symposium at IMPULSTANZ Festival in Vienna, UDK Berlin (Berlin Univ. of the Arts), Seoul Dance Center, the research institute of Won Buddhist Thought, and GTF symposium (Gesellshaft für Tanzforschung – German Society for Dance Research).

More information about FFP:


Contact for more information and registration – Gintare Serafinaite,

e-mail:; mob.: +370 628 55983.